Black Door Gallery provide both standard and custom made acrylic cases for all kinds of items.


Standard Acrylic Cases
If you are looking for standard acrylic cases for footballs, tennis balls, gold balls, soccer balls and more, we are able to provide these for you. If you want to order, and have them sent directly to you, this can also be arranged, simply email us for a price request, and we let you know how much your item will be, and how much to send directly to you.

Custom Acrylic Cases
Looking for something a little different? Maybe you have an item that won’t fit in a standard acrylic case. No problem, we can custom make a case to suit what ever you need it for. A Black Door Gallery custom made acrylic case can be both used to sit on a shelf or table, or we can add a frame to it, and hang it on the wall.

Wall-Mounted Guitar Case

This custom case was made to accommodate a guitar, with extra items put in, including a photo, harmonica, pick and plaque.

A frame was added to hang on the wall and give it a whole different look to a standard case. The beauty of framing it this way, we don’t need to worry about shadow boxes creating a shadow and closing in the room, and the item can be seen from all angles.

Mini NFL Helment

This case above was made for a mini NFL helmet. The client also wanted some stats and images to go with it, so we created a custom case that had a base and a back to fit everything in. It was made to sit on a table.

Acrylic case for Andrew Johns Boot

Made like a standard case, this custom case, was made to accommodate John’s stats and an image. Again, this type of case is made to sit on a shelf or table.

Panthers Jersey, Hat and Photos

A custom case was made to add a jersey, hat, badges & photos to celebrate Penrith’s Team of the Century.

The backing was made from a suede mat to give it a rich finish and hung on timber braced hanger.

Do you need a custom-made frame or more info?

Please call or drop into the gallery and our friendly
team will be happy to help.

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