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Custom Print Framing

How much does it cost to frame a print or poster? This sounds like a pretty straight forward question, doesn’t it?

In fact, it is much more complicated than that. As with all custom framing inquiries, it takes a series of questions to understand what you want, including your budget, how big your poster/print is, the style of frame, glass type, and whether or not to add borders.

These are just a few things that will determine the overall cost of your framing. For example, simply changing the glass from standard glass to Art Glass can double the overall cost of your framing.

So where do we start?

Let’s start with your budget. What you are willing to spend will determine how we can frame your print or poster. If you are trying to get out of the job as cost effective as possible, you may want to use a stock frame kit from our Profile Products range.

This will save you at least 30% off custom framing and more than 50% if you choose to put the artwork into the frame yourself. This option only works, if your print/poster is a standard size.

If you are more concerned with having it framed right, to not only preserve the artwork but also to bring out the best in the image, then looking at custom framing options will be the next option, and this can start with a simple frame, mounting the image to an acid free board and putting it straight into the frame. Pricing will depend on the frame you choose.

Some clients like to choose framing that will not only compliment the artwork, but also work within the space in which it will hang. Just like in this image of the Taxi, the frame choice matches the timber feature wall, while the matting, black with a hint of yellow inside, will draw on both the artwork and the yellow chair.

    With the image of the Indigenous Australia Map, the frame is a distressed fence paling style frame. This helps to show a natural element to the subject matter but also ties in with the decor.

    Not going with mats (coloured borders) helps reduce the framing cost, yet the frame choice matches the timber post.

    The framing possibilities are endless and are really only limited by your imagination and budget.

    What is the best way to get an accurate quote on framing my picture?

    The best way is to bring the item to us, and one of our staff will go through some options with you. Some clients like to show us images of the space in which it will hang to help them choose a suitable frame.

    Generally, you are better off framing for the image first, then your interior second.

      Do you need a custom-made frame or more info?

      Please call or drop into the gallery and our friendly
      team will be happy to help.

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