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Black Door Gallery has a large selection of artworks available in our Print on Demand range.

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What is Print on Demand?
Print on Demand or POD refers to a range of artworks printed on either canvas or artrag paper that can be ordered in custom sizes to suit your decor.

Canvas prints will come with 80mm of bleed canvas, 40mm of either mirrored bleed or 40mm of black bleed + 40mm of blank bleed.
Art Rag paper prints will come with a 60mm white border.

Unlike a traditional print catalogue where you may have a couple of standard sizes, there are 10 standard sizes in Canvas and 4 standard sizes in the Art Rag Paper prints.

Is it better to go with a canvas print or art rag paper print?
This will totally depend on what you want to use it for and how big you want the job to be.

For example, if you are choosing the smallest size print, it will be much more cost effective to choose a paper print over a canvas print, if you want it under glass. However, if you go with a canvas print, you don’t need glass; therefore mounting a canvas to a hard board will save you money.

When it comes to large artworks, canvas will be much more beneficial, as the sizes available are much greater, plus the framing options more diverse.

For example; You want an artwork that is 2000x1200mm. Stretching a large canvas artwork will be lighter and more cost effective than going with a piece that is mounted into a frame with acrylic.

There are also many variables in pricing that will depend on what type of frame you choose.


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How many size options do I have for a canvas prints?
POD Canvas prints come in 10 standard sizes, and are based on the longest side of the artwork.

The size depends on the height to width ratio, but based on a square artwork, standard sizes would be as follows:


What if the standard sizes don’t fit my space?
If the standard sizes are either too big or too small for your wall, we also have an option to customize the size in between these standard sizes.
How will I know what is the best size for my wall?
It is always best to take a measurement of the space in both height and width.

Eg. Your wall is 3m wide and there is a lounge in front of this space, so the distance between the top of the lounge and the ceiling is 1.6m.

You would probably look at a max width of 2.8m (2800mm) and 1.4m (1400mm).

Every artwork in the POD catalogue has the sizing based on the ratio of the artwork. You simply need to click on the artwork you like, then choose paper or canvas, then choose the size. All sizing is in mm.

What do you mean by bleed canvas and what is it for?
When stretching any canvas onto a canvas stretcher frame, a framer will require around 40mm to hold onto the stretch with plus an excess portion of canvas to wrap around the stretcher frame’s sides.

We offer this in either black or mirrored edge. The black is generally done when you add a Canvas Float frame, while the mirrored edge is used when the canvas is simply being stretched and hung straight on the wall as is. By mirroring the edge of the artwork, it will appear as if the artwork wraps around the canvas stretcher frame.

Why do you need so much bleed canvas?
Most canvas stretcher frames are between 33-40mm thick, so having 40mm of coloured bleed, allows to wrap around a thicker canvas stretcher frame, but can also be stretched onto a thinner 20mm stretcher frame if needed.

Some artists do not recognise this, so they have the prints done with very little bleed, then it makes it hard, if not impossible to stretch. By supplying too much bleed, we give the client every opportunity to frame the canvas in any way they like. If the client doesn’t want to stretch it, but have the canvas glued down to a board and put in a frame, they would simply trim off the excess canvas.

Black Door Gallery has been stretching canvas art since 1987, we specialise in this type of framing, therefore understand that providing more options will maximise the options to the client, at a cheaper rate.

Does Black Door Gallery only sell the prints or can framing be arranged?
Yes, we can arrange framing your canvas prints. If you are local, you can either organise this by coming into our gallery to discuss, but if you are not local, simply email us with your preferred framing option and we can quote it for you.
What are the benefits to having Black Door Gallery frame my print?
All Print on Demand artworks purchased through our gallery are subject to a 20% discount off the framing. We also provide a lifetime guarantee to all framing, so you will have peace of mind knowing that we have provided you with the highest quality workmanship.
What is the difference between just stretching a canvas and stretching plus a float frame?
Canvas stretching will be about half the cost of canvas stretching + float frame. I personally think the float frames look much nicer, they come in a variety of styles and colours from natural timbers to black and whites, and fancier profiles along with a large range of foil wraps.


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What is an Art Rag Print?
Artrag prints are artworks that have been printed onto Hahnemuhle 308gsm Art Rag paper with archival inks. They are a high quality paper print.
When I order an Art Rag print, does it come with a border?
Yes, all Art Rag prints come with a 60mm white border. This can be used for handling or as a border to frame.
How many sizes are available in the Art Rag prints?
There are 4 standard sizes ranging from 250mm up to 1000mm. Custom sizes can be ordered in between these sizes.
Does the size I choose include the border?
No. When you choose any paper print, the size refers to the image size. You then need to add an additional 120mm (60mm each side) for an overall size.
Do you need to have glass over a paper print?
Yes. Paper prints are designed to have glass or acrylic coverings.

If you choose to use the standard white border as a mat, it is recommended that you frame the picture with a frame spacer to keep it off the glass. Alternatively, you can add coloured borders to the print, either coming into the artwork, or choosing to show 5-10mm of the original white, then matting it out, to make it bigger. Mats are generally going to be 60mm or bigger. We prefer to go with a 70-80mm mat minimum to create the best effect. If mats are used, you don’t need a frame spacer.

What is the point of the mat vs frame spacer?
Both keep the glass off the print, which allows it to breathe, this in turn stops any condensation under the glass, which will result in mould. You can choose to go without a mat or spacer, but you must be aware that you are putting the print at risk, and it is not recommended.
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