Charity Auction Framing

If you have a charity or fundraising event coming up, and have a number of items that need to be framed, come in and have a chat to our team at Black Door Gallery.

Black Door Gallery provides custom framing for all memorabilia pieces for charity auctions and raffles.

We can also provide you with gift certificates that can be used on anything in-store, including ready-made frame kits, custom framing, or purchasing art, from our Indigenous Art Gallery.

Costing for charity events is always discounted to ensure you maximise the profit margin on your item, and we can also advise on the best way to sell the piece.

To Auction or to Raffle?

Sometimes it is far more valuable to raffle off a piece than it is to auction it. This is because auctions are based on the room, how many bidders, and how much the person is willing to pay for the item, which will determine the final figure. Where as a raffle, you are guaranteed a price point based on how many tickets you are selling and the price per ticket.


If we are looking at a large corporate or charity event with 200-300 people, then the most logical option would be to auction off the item. Taking an average football jersey like the one below, you could get up to $10k at auction, as these things can sell for 3 or 4 thousand dollars, then the winner donates it back, and it get auctioned again. Or you have multiple people wanting it, and that drives the piece up, it then becomes more about winning than the value of the item, and those parties have gone into the event with a number in mind on what they want to donate to the event anyway, winning a prize can be a bonus. But there is also the risk that no one bids and the item sells too cheap. This is why a reserve is important. Set a base price on what the minimum buy will allow the item to sell, and if it hits that reserve, then anything else from there will be a bonus. You can always raffle the item off if the reserve is unmet.


A jersey framing like this one would generally cost around $750 + the signed jersey so that RRP would be around $1000.00. Again, raffling an item like this will easily bring in $3000+. This is based on a junior league team raising funds for their end-of-year celebrations. 17 Players with 100 tickets at $2 each 17x100x2 = $3,400, so you are guaranteed the money, as it is much more affordable to people to support you with a couple of dollars than to shell out $2000. It is also a great way for young people to understand the value of money and work towards a goal of fundraising for their team. I have personally done this with my kids when they were young and in team sports, and the benefit of their end-of-year celebrations was knowing they helped to make the celebrations even more memorable.

Jersey Framing

Jersey framing also can be done for a lot less, and much more simplified, but still create the same total figure. The image is a jersey framing job that retails for $415. For charity organisations, we charge $300 for a job like this. As with the sample above, the jersey stretching process remains the same. It is all the extra work that goes into the framing, adding extra mats, packing, labour time, decals etc… that drives the price up, but a simple framing job like this, can also generate great results.

Do you need a custom-made frame or more info?

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