Gallery Hanging Systems

All Arti Teq Products are Available

Black Door Gallery can supply a full range of Arti-Teq hanging products, including rails, drops, hooks, and their new photo display mouse drops. The full range of Arti Teq products is available to our clients to order in bulk or individual blister packs.

The rail system comes in Off-White, Primered white (it can be painted), stainless steel, and now Black (New to the range).

Gallery Hanging Systems Pricing

For pricing, work out how much rail you need by measuring your wall space, how many drops you will need and hooks.

Be aware that you will need two drops per picture, but you can hang multiple hooks on each drop.

Hooks come in 4kg, 7kg and 15kg weights. We recommend the 15kg hooks, which are more user-friendly on the rail. As you slide it up and it locks into place, then to move down, you push the top of the hook down, and it unlocks. The smaller hooks require loosening and tightening the lock nut, which can be unforgiving on your hands.

We would be happy to provide you with a price quote once we have the necessary information about the length of the area where you would like to hang the item, as well as details about the drops and hooks required. Additionally, if needed, Black Door Gallery can also assist you with installation.

Gallery Hanging Systems For Schools

Artiteq is a great system for schools. As a permanent fixture, you can change the artwork around, move them up and down, and create a whole range of hanging options with a combination of drops.

Do you need a custom-made frame or more info?

Please call or drop into the gallery and our friendly
team will be happy to help.

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