Certificate Framing

Standard Sized Certificate Framing

Black Door Gallery has a large range of standard size certificate frames with and without mats, in A4 & A3 sizes.

We also have A2 and A1 size frame kits for larger certificates.

Our standard certificate range comes in Black, White and Tas Oak.

Custom Certificate Framing

For those looking for a more custom certificate look, we can make any certificate frame from our 800+ sample range to suit your needs. Add a single or double mat, and choose from hundreds of mat colour choices. All certificates that are custom framed, are mounted to an acid-free backing board called Kooltack. This product will ensure that your certificate does not move in the frame or buckle over time. Kooltack is also 100% reversible, which means that once it is mounted, it isn’t a permanent fix, and we can remove it at any time.

    Certificate Frame Glass Finishes

    Choose from Standard Glass, Diffused Glass (Traditional non-reflective), Art Acrylic or Art Glass to finish off your certificate framing. Art Glass is both non-reflecting and UV protective, and used by all the most notable Art Galleries and Museums around the world. The beauty of Art Glass is it provides an almost glassless look while giving your certificate protection against fade. Art Glass is the premium product on the market and is expensive compared to other glass options, but it is the best product to protect your certificate.

    Do you need a custom-made frame or more info?

    Please call or drop into the gallery and our friendly
    team will be happy to help.

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