Australian Made Frame Kits

Large Range of Australian Made Frame Kits

Black Door Gallery has a large range of Australian Made frame kits, with and without mats and in various sizes from A4 to A0, and 4×6 inch frame kits right up to 24×36 inch frame kits.

We also stock multiple opening mat frame kits to suit standard 4×6 and 5×7 inch photos, for the family collage wall.

Our Australian Made frame kits are by Profile Products Australia. They come with a Lifetime Guarantee, are 100% Australian Made and come from sustainable timber plantations.

Profile Products are around 50% of the cost of custom made frame kits, which is a great solution for the hobby photographer or artist looking for a quality frame kit, that provides a professional finish.

We stock a large variety of sizes and colours to suit certificates, artworks and photos, with the most popular being natural oak/ash timber, white or black.

You can also combine any frame from our Profile Products range with custom framing. Simply choose a frame to suit your piece. We can then mount the picture for you, add a mat if needed and fit it up.

The overall savings compared to complete custom framing can be around 30%.

4 Reasons why we only stock 100% Australian Made frame kits

While many large supply chains and also other framers opt for a cheap frame kit option by importing their frame kits from China and Malaysia, we only supply Australian Made products, and there is a reason.

  1. When you buy Australian Made, you are supporting Australian jobs, and keeping the dollars in Australia, this means that every dollar you spend will go back into our economy, and help to support our manufacturing industry and small business.
  2. Our frame kits also come with lifetime guarantee, which means if you have an issue with your item in the future, which is deemed to be manufacturing fault, we will replace it FREE.
  3. Our frames are REAL timber. Most of the overseas made frame kits are made from inferior products, and are either plastic or mdf with a foil wrap. The problem with these products is they do not last, and if they fall off your wall, they will break and in most cases be unrepairable. On the other hand, our frame kits are made from high quality real timber, that is made to last, and also made from sustainable timber plantations, which means that no forests are being destroyed to harvest the timber.
  4. Our Ready Made frame kits are sold as individual items or you can buy one of the Gallery Wall Frame Sets available. There is no better way to showcase your memories and family portraits than with a Photo Wall Gallery frame set. Our supplier, Profile Products Australia provides a range of premium Australian-made, Photo Wall Gallery Sets that expertly frame your photography and art to enhance your interiors, simply call into our showroom to discuss.

You will pay more for our products, but you will have piece of mind knowing you get a quality product, that is environmentally friendly and also looking after our economy.

    What are your choices?

      • Frame: Style, Colour and Size.
      • Glass: Standard Glass, Diffused Glass, Shinkolite, ArtGlass ( AR70, AR92, AR99 )
      • Backing: Acid-Free Foamcore, MDF, Self-Adhesive Foamcore & Kooltack
      • Mats: Shape, Colour, Single, Double or Triple,
      • Mat Type: Aqadia, Artique, ColourMount & Rising mat Range – Full range of matboards from our standard acid free range to full museum grade matboards.
      • Hangers: Chord Stapled on, D-Rings, Security Brackets or Wall Mount Bracket, coated wire.
      With this many choices you can create a custom look frame at a frame kit price! And it can be put together while you wait for you to take with you. Where else can you buy frame kits with such flexibility?

      Ready-Made & Custom Mats

      Crescent International White, Select and Rag Mats

      We stock the full range of Crescent International Whitecore mat boards and can cut mats for you while you wait anytime. So call in, choose a frame, or bring your existing frame in from home and we’ll cut a new mat for you in colour and shape you need.

      If you require a Conservation Select or Rag Mat, we can order any of these colours with our weekly orders, and it can be cut as soon as the board arrives. We stock some conservation colours but won’t always have every colour in stock; however, any colour is only a few days away.

      We also carry a range of standard cut mats with single openings and multiple openings to fit all our standard frame sizes, so you can choose a frame, and then select a mat off the shelf to suit your photo in a standard size and colour for a quick, affordable option.

      Signature Frames

      Signature frames are a great way to record messages from guests who attended a celebration like a birthday party, graduation, engagement or wedding.

      At The Black Door any frame can be made into a Signature Frame. Simply choose a frame and we’ll a cut a mat to create a custom Signature Frame just for you.

      Memorial Frames

      When you need a photograph framed for a funeral and have very little time to have it custom framed, we can help choose an appropriate frame from our range of ready-made photo frames and can fit it while you wait.

      *If you need a photo printed, we can even organise to have it printed for you. Please call us on 4721 4255 for any further information. (*Extra time may be needed for printing)

      Do you need a custom-made frame or more info?

      Please call or drop into the gallery and our friendly
      team will be happy to help.

      [email protected]

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