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Artist: Dominique Kean

Title : Birrong

Nation/s Bundjalung

Story: Birrong is a Dharug word meaning ‘star’. In Aboriginal culture, the stars are the homes of ancestors, animals, plants, and spirits. The stars serve as calendars, a law book, and inform all aspects of daily life and culture and are a prominent feature in this artwork. In this piece, they represent the two grandfathers of a precious girl, for which the artwork was created. They are enlarged and located either side of the girl as if they are embracing her. She is represented in the middle of the canvas using the traditional symbol for woman and is surrounded by loving family and friends. Daisies were also used to represent her springtime birth. They also encircle the girl and are a symbol of purity, innocence and joy. The sandhills at the base symbolise the strong foundations on which the girl will grow and flourish like the blossoming trees.


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