Butterfly Journey – Blue


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Artist: Lee Hampton

Nation/s: Wodi Wodi – Worimi – Yuin

Story: A butterfly journey has four stages, egg, caterpillar, pupa then butterfly. The total life span of a butterfly from egg to butterfly is between 5 and 11 weeks. When they are finally formed as a butterfly, they only live for between 2-3 weeks.

When a butterfly finally hatches from its cocoon, it is a struggle for it to break free, as the casing is tightly wrapped around its body, this struggle to break free helps to strengthen the butterfly’s wings, which then allows it to fly.

What this teaches us, is that without struggle, we can not grow. The struggles in life is what builds resilience in ourselves, and prepares us for life’s hardships. Like the butterfly, if we were to cruise through life, with no struggle, and to be simply handed every- thing or have everything done for us, we would remain weak, and therefore under prepared for hard times, should they come.

Butterflies teach us the importance of time, that time is relatively short in the grand scheme of the universe. We should cherish every moment and enjoy the ups and downs that life provides us, as this is all part of the journey. If you ever watch a butterfly flying, it doesn’t fly in a straight line, it dips, and moves left, then right, it climbs, then it falls, it gets taken by the wind, but it always manages to reach the destination that it intended to get to.

This teaches us to persevere, even when it feels like we are making no progress, if we continue to battle on, we will eventually reach our chosen destination. The most important thing is to enjoy the whole journey.

When you feel like you are drifting off course, or you are taking a backward step, there may be a reason for it. Perhaps a backward step is providing you with a little more of a run up to surge ahead. If you feel like you have been blown off course or sideways, maybe it is to avoid danger or an obstacle that will hinder you from reaching your goals.

So continue to flap your wings and enjoy your butterfly journey.


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