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Connected represents our life journeys as individuals, and when we come together with others.
The snake and the goanna are two different animals, they are unique and individual, yet they are very much the same. If you look at their heads and necks, they are similar to one another, there is an attraction that could draw them to each other, however different they appear, alot like people in life.
We are all individuals of different shapes and sizes, with different backgrounds and beliefs, yet we can still be drawn to one another as opposite as we appear.
The many dotted circles represent meeting places, and also our life experiences. The white dotted lines inter-connecting these meeting places are our own journey lines. The snake is surrounded by a number of meeting places, wrapping around them almost like a parent nurturing their young, this can represent holding our fondest experiences close to our hearts, and also a parent protect- ing their children, but still taking them on the journey with them.
The centre of the artwork is the point at which these two soul’s journeys finally intersect. It is at this point, they choose to build a new journey together, one that is connected to both people, one that includes acceptance without prejudice. To take their combined life experiences, use it as a foundation to build a strong future for the both of them, and their new family.


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