FlutterBy Tree


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There is a tree that has no leaves, yet it’s colour is more vibrant and beautiful than a rainbow. It’s foliage sways too and fro, even when there is no breeze.
The shape never remains the same, constantly changing, yet it has not grown an inch in many years. It’s roots travel deep into the ground, but serve no purpose, other than to anchor her down. She is the Flutter By Tree.
The name Flutterby Tree comes from the many rumors of the origins of the word butterfly. It has been said that the original name was Flutterby, however, this is not true, but is more true to the movements of this most fascinating insect.
Butterflies are a fascinating creature that teach us that our journey through life is never a straight line. It often travels up and down, backwards, then forwards and often sideways. Sometimes it is blown off course all together, but through sheer will power and determination, it eventually reaches it’s destina- tion.
The FlutterBy Tree is a symbol of resiliance, determination and strength.


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