Land Taken by Time


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Artist: Lee Hampton

Nation/s: Wodi Wodi – Worimi – Yuin

Story:This artwork represents the beginning of Aboriginal land being stolen by European Invasion. The white journey lines in the ocean sections represent the white man sailing in on their ships to the new land. The foot prints traveling on Country are bloodied, this represents the devastation to the landscape that came in the way of clearing the natural vegetation, the culling of it’s natural flora and fauna, which has seen thousands of native plants and animals become extinct over the course of only a few hundred years.

The introduction of disease that wiped out much of the Native population. Aboriginal people had lived in harmony with this land for more than 60,000 years, and in the blink of an eye, the landscape has been changed forever. All in the name of the white man. Time is man made thing, the title represents the white man, doing what they have done throughout history, taking something that does not belong to them, by force, and raping it of its resources.


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