Mother Earth


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Artist: Lee Hampton

Nation/s: Wodi Wodi – Worimi – Yuin

Story: This artwork represents our land, Mother Earth.

On the left of the painting you see a gathering of people by a campfire, situated close to a flowing river. The river hugs a large mountain range, and beyond the mountains lies fields of crops.

The progression from left to right is how mankind impacts Mother Earth, forever leaving our mark, and taking a small piece of her with every year that passes. For thousands of years, Aboriginal people cared for our land, we nurtured her, and understood that by taking care of her, that she would take care of us.

Modern society has taken resources from Mother Earth, and destroying the ecosystems that support both flora and fauna, all in the name of having the latest technology and stuff (I use the work stuff, because that is all it is, a want, not a need). We do it without a thought to the long term detrimental damage to our environment, and possibility of irreversible damage.

It is time we rethink our place in the World and what will be more beneficial to Mother earth, to ensure long term sustainability.


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