Pathway to Destruction – Fire


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A bushfire tears through the landscape, destroying everything within its pathway, leaving nothing but destruction. It has been here before, the old remnants of fire leaving a charred landscape winding through the peaks of the mountain top. What was once lush vegetation is now a black and grey desert landscape. The only colour to be seen now is glowing red and orange flames, destroying all that stands in its way. It has no bias, it will simply take all that stands in the way, until there is no more fuel, or the weather changes.
Bushfires have been a part of our landscape for thousands of years. My people have learnt how to manage the landscape and to let the flaura and fauna thrive, by bush management.
With the introduction of white man to this Country, our management ways have been pushed aside, due to those who thought that 230+ years of occupation, knew better than those who have managed the land for more than 60,000 years. The result has been Millions of fauna destroyed across the Country, and many species almost completely wiped out.
In order for our land to truly prosper and thrive, we must go back to the traditional land management of our native people.


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