Platypus Playground


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Artist: Lee Hampton

Nation/s: Wodi Wodi – Worimi – Yuin

Story: While most of the tribe sits by the ring of fire, two hunters lay waiting by the watering hole, where the kangaroos and emus frequent along their well worn tracks. The hunters wait patiently, for the right opportunity to grab a meal for the rest of their people. This game between hunters and the hunted has played out on these river banks for thousands of years.

They will only take down one, one will be enough to feed the rest of the tribe, they use every last piece of the kill to feed the many. The skin will be used for clothing, the bones for tools, nothing will go to waste.

In his own world, the platypus plays in the river, searching among the muddy banks for food. The time is now dusk, and the platypus is almost ready to turn in for the day, but gets in one last swim for fun, swimming up and down the banks of the river, he is content with the world he lives in, and has no interest in what is happening only feet from his existence.

The Kangaroos and Emus, begin to dance, heads bobbing up and down, some drinking, while others watch for danger. Then suddenly the sound of the wind changes, and all animals freeze, a vibration or pulsating sound can be heard, this is the sound of a boomerang, cutting through the air, barely visible above the top of the tall grass. It is met
with a sudden thud, Kangaroos and Emus scatter in all directions, in that moment a single animal falls…. Today it is a Kangaroo that will fill the bellies of the people.

The Platypus, totally unaware of what has just happened, retires to his chamber for the day to sleep, and will come out to play again when it is nightfall.


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