Reach for the Stars


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In the Grand Scheme of the Universe, our lifetime is relatively short. Within the constructs of society, we often told what we can and can’t do.
This can come from people that are our family or friends, or it may come through outside noise, from people that we don’t even know. Everyone has an opinion and they are quick to share it when anyone is having a go. Do not listen the white negative noise around you, that says to you “You can’t” or “You won’t”. This only comes from people who have never truly taken a risk in their lives, they have chosen the safe path, and these people do not like to see other succeed.
I believe that we that we need to set our own paths, and our own goals, on what we see is living our best lives. We should set the bar high in regards to our life goals & Reach for the Stars.
Live the life that YOU want to live, and Be true to yourself, stay the course and believe in your process. You will succeed if you go All In.
Understand that there is never any failures in life, only working out which pathways don’t lead you to success. Keep moving forward, you will never regret having a go, however, you will regret not pursu- ing your goals.


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