Urban Nomad


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Artist : Lee Hampton

Title : Urban Nomad

Nation/s : Wodi Wodi – Worimi – Yuin


Story : This artwork represents my own personal journey growing up in the city if the Mighty Panthers, Penrith.

As an Aboriginal man living on Dharug land, | have spent most of my life here byt he banks of the Nepean River, living in the urban spread, and seen many changes in more than 45 years of living on this land.

This artwork is an overview of the Penrith area, showing both the beginnings of the Blue Mountains to the left of the artwork, the blue of the Nepean River snaking through the landscape, the red sections represent the urban spread of the landscape, while there greens to the bottom right represent the rolling hills of Orchard Hills.

| have lived in many places during my years on Dharug land, these are represented by theindividual yellow dots.

The grey lines that intersect each other represent the main aterial roads and in the centre of the artwork, the turquoise oval, the home of the Penrith Panthers.

My connection to this land is now ingrained in my DNA, regardless of where | go, Penrith is always home.


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